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Silicone Cooking Bands

Promote professionalism and good sanitation practices—label your goods with silicone cooking bands.

At Culinary ID Bands, we saw a need in the culinary industry for easy-to-use and sanitary food product labels that last longer. To fill this need, we created silicone cooking bands for common prep containers, which includes squeeze bottles, store ‘n pours, and shakers. Our eco-friendly silicone bottle and cap labels are food-grade safe, waterproof, and incredibly durable. We made our food product labels to last, and they will maintain their integrity throughout their use in commercial kitchens or restaurants. Try out just a few, or outfit all your dredges and squeeze bottles with culinary labels today!

  • Best Bottle/ Container Identifier in the Industry! Smart and Highly effective 360° visual design!
  • Color coding provides additional visual identifier!
  • Extremely Durable! Provides additional grip to your bottles!
  • Reduces Miss-pours of products! Great Training Tool
  • Perfect for LTO’s (Limited Time Offers)
  • Unlike stickers or tags—they will not fall off into food
  • 100% Food Grade Silicone!  Department of Health Approved!
  • Provides a Professional appearance!
  • 1000’s of In-Stock Bands in various sizes